About W.HO

I am a Hastings based Artist, Designer and Maker.

In recent years after long period away I have started developing Light Sculpture, based on "sense of movement". My aims is to develop a range of functional Light Art that capture a sense of movement in a sculptural form. The Light sculptures was showcased at Clio art fair, New York, October 2018. I also had displayed some of these models of Light sculptures at Hastings Arts Forum's 8 Sculptors 'process & product' exhibition in June 2015. In the same period I had produced a collection of contemporary jewellery that had been showcased at Omega studio and craft fairs such as Artists, Makers and Vintage fair and Curiosity Bazaar 2018.

My work had been in Aesthetica magazine 2017 and Contemporary Art Curator magazine on line 2018

I also had exhibited a collection of Life drawings at The Beacon exhibition, Hastings, UK in February 2015. This demonstrates my other passion; drawing the human body. On December 2015 I had produced 3D cube piece for 1067 Mind Invasion , Major British Survey of contemporary collage: 500 Works On Exhibition at Observer Building, Hastings, UK.

In the past I have used different materials such as perspex, dyed by hand in a range of sensitive colours. I have also used rubber, titanium, steel wire, gold and silver metals, to creative a range of small wearable design pieces as well as large 3D objects. My work has often been influenced by human senses, such as Freud's theory on colours that effect our emotions and physical effects.

I have used different skills to explore unconventional approaches in joining different materials together to create contemporary jewellery for clients.

In the same period I have developed and managed a number of arts projects for charities  in the community. One of the project received Education and Training award.

I have in past worked for some of the well known British designers, such as Dower & Hall, working on casting and soldiering pieces and Tom Dixon in welding lights as well designing pieces.

In 90s I was  exhibitor in number of exhibitions such as New Designers  at Design Centre, Islington, London.  I have exhibited a range of  jewellery and sculpture lighting, based on "colours that effect our emotions".  I had also received a Goldsmith award.

I studied art and trained at degree BA (Hons) in jewellery & silversmith at Sir John Cass school of Art, Architecture and Design (also known as The Cass) part of London Metropolitan University.